Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spreading the love to your collaborators

So many of you have turned the video description into your collaborator credit reel, sharing the love of all the other creators that helped make your video awesome. The shout-out is cool, but what if that shout-out was a direct link to your collaborator’s channel and made it easy for new fans to subscribe?

At VidCon, we told you how we’re working on areas like this to help you build fan bases and make even better videos, one of the ways being announcing Creator Credits. These allow you to recognize contributions and collaborators on your YouTube videos, and today, we're expanding this feature to all channels with at least 10,000 subscribers.

With Creator Credits, you’ll have the ability to feature collaborators -- such as your co-star, your video editor, or your boom mic operator -- on your video page. There are dozens of roles to choose from, and you can feature as many contributors as you like. These credits link back to collaborators’ channels and have a one-click subscribe option to both channels.

Adding Creator Credits to a video is easy. When editing your video title, description, and other details, you’ll find a Video Credits section where you can select the roles of your collaborators and include their channels. Creator Credits will appear below your video’s description after clicking “Show more.” Visit our Help Center to learn more.

Don’t have 10,000 subscribers? We're working to make this feature available to more of you soon.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

YouTube Space @ Instituto Criar welcomes creators in Brazil

Brazilians form one of the world’s most vibrant YouTube communities. They produce content for passionate audiences in a country where online consumption is amongst the highest in the world. To support this incredible community of YouTube creators and foster the next generation of Brazilian talent, the YouTube Space team has partnered with Instituto Criar to bring a YouTube Space to São Paulo.

Instituto Criar is an incredible non profit organization founded ten years ago by Luciano Huck that educates young students from low income families in film production. Through this partnership, all of the NGO’s students, as well as Brazil’s most talented YouTube creators, will have free access to high end audio, visual and editing equipment, in addition to training programs, workshops and courses.

This collaboration follows in the footsteps of our YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and most recently, New York City. Since the first Space was launched in 2012, more than 30,000 people around the world have attended over 450 workshops and over 6,000 videos have been created; garnering over 750 million views.

Like all of our production facilities, YouTube Space @ Instituto Criar will be a place where creators can collaborate, innovate and experiment with new content for audiences around the world to watch and love. It’ll also offer opportunities to:
  • Learn: From training programs and workshops to master classes, there are opportunities to get hands-on experience from industry leaders, and learn to use high end production equipment, production techniques, and YouTube best practices.
  • Connect: Attend events, meet fellow creators, spark new ideas and share experiences on how to succeed on YouTube. 
  • Create: This is a space for creators to bring stories to life. They’ll have access, for free, to a studio and all the latest audio, visual and editing equipment that will enable them to experiment and create great videos that fans will love. 
Along with Google’s Engineering Center in Belo Horizonte and the upcoming Campus in São Paulo, YouTube Space @ Instituto Criar is another way for Google to help foster creativity, entrepreneurship and partnership with top organizations in the country. It’s amazing to see what creators have already been producing and we are excited to see what is coming next.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The YouTube Creator Academy goes global

Whether you’re starting from scratch on YouTube, or you’re looking to take an existing channel even further, the ever-growing YouTube Creator Academy is full of ways to polish your YouTube channel and build your audience. And now, we’re offering lessons in more than 20 languages:


At the Creator Academy, you’ll find tips and lessons on topics like making great thumbnails and building your online community, as well as deep dives on music, gaming and family entertainment. Whether you learn by listening, watching or interacting with other creators, we’ve got it all for you at the YouTube Creator Academy.

If you’re new to the YouTube Creator Academy, subscribe to our YouTube channel where we get the scoop from other creators on how they get ahead; new videos are posted every Tuesday. You can also connect with fellow Creator Academy participants in our Creator Academy Google+ community.

We also hold regular events to help you grow your channel. We’re accepting signups now for our next one, Grow Your Audience Boot Camp, on October 20-31, 2014. Click on your language to register for the Polish, Russian, German, or French version of the course. Boot camps in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic are coming soon!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Investing in creativity

Cross-posted from the YouTube Blog

Over the past four years, YouTube has gone through a dramatic transformation. We’ve seen the fidelity of our videos evolve from the grainy footage of webcams to the crystal clear beauty of 4K. We’ve seen teenagers who began by vlogging in their bedrooms emerge as media heavyweights, with passionate followings and shows that draw more fans than similar shows on cable TV. And we’ve seen partner revenue continue to grow at a healthy pace, giving our creators the chance to do what they love by finding their fanbase on YouTube. Today, more than 1 billion viewers visit YouTube every month to follow their favorite shows and channels and our daily watchtime continues to grow at 50 percent annually.

Throughout that time, we’ve made a number of key decisions to accelerate this transformation. We first made a series of investments in channels to jumpstart our creator ecosystem. Eighty-six of those channels are now among the top 1 percent of YouTube’s most popular, but the real sign of success was the massive global fan base our creators built.

Then, to ensure our creators had the production support they needed, we created the YouTube Spaces in L.A., Tokyo, London and soon New York. The Spaces offer creators free access to the latest and greatest equipment, sets and support to facilitate creativity and content innovation.

This year, we’ve expanded our support to full-scale marketing and advertising campaigns, helping turn successful creators with large fan bases like Bethany Mota and Epic Rap Battles of History into household names, broadening their appeal to new audiences. These campaigns started in the U.S. but we’re now extending them to places like the U.K., France, Germany and Brazil to ensure that creators around the world can continue to serve as beacons for the creator community at large.

Now, we feel the time is right to make another important investment in our creators. That’s why we’ve decided to fund new content from some of our top creators, helping them not only fulfill their creative ambitions but also deliver new material to their millions of fans on YouTube.

As any creator will tell you, making compelling new content isn’t easy, and we expect to learn a lot through this process. We’ll experiment with new formats and ideas. We’ll get our hands dirty. We’ll make some mistakes. Together, we’ll (hopefully) create some fantastic new content on YouTube. But one thing is certain: there’s no one we’d rather go on this adventure with than our creators.

It’s been an incredible few years for YouTube. And with YouTube stars jumping from their bedrooms to billboards in Times Square, we think there’s never been a better time to be a creator.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Coming soon: an easier way to use YouTube app on your TV

An Epic Rap Battle of History looks even more epic on the big screen, but finding the battle you want on your TV can take longer than it took Wallace to layeth the smackdown on Washington because of all the clicking around you have to do. That’s why you’ll soon be able to find videos you want more easily with the updated YouTube app for TV designed for the big screen, which will also bring you all the videos and playlists from channels. This update already started with Xbox One, and we’ll roll out the updated app to other streaming devices in the following weeks.


Find it all more easily with the guide

The channels you subscribe to and videos you care about will be a click away with a guide on the left side that’s just like the guide you see on YouTube on your computer, phone, and tablet. When you sign in, you can jump to all the latest videos from your subscriptions and recommendations in the What to Watch section, or pop on a playlist you’ve liked such as Blogilates’ Cardio AB Attack and turn your TV into a workout buddy.

See all the videos and playlists from channels

Your favorite creators are making new playlists every day, and with the updated YouTube app for TV you’ll be able to see all of them. With new channel pages, you’ll see everything they’ve curated for you, helping you find even more to watch from your favorite creators.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

YouTube at Next Fest, presented by Sundance Institute

Film aficionados, take note: YouTube is proud to be a part of Sundance Next Fest for a second year, celebrating the renegade spirit of independent artists in film and music.

Last year, Sundance became the first major film festival to curate and screen a short film program exclusively featuring videos on YouTube at their Next Weekend summer festival. At this year’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, we also brought the YouTube experience offline, hosting panels, musical performances, parties, and even morning yoga.

Now, we want to help even more filmmakers succeed online. If you’re in Los Angeles, join us on Saturday August 9, at 2 p.m. at the Ace Hotel to hear about how you can can find and build your audience on YouTube. We’ll share tips on how to engage your fans and foster grassroots movements that help you raise money and spread your message. RSVPs welcome. And if you’d like to attend Next Fest screenings, you can purchase tickets on the Sundance website.

On YouTube, there are no limits to creative freedom. You can experiment and push the boundaries of distribution. With 1 billion unique users visiting YouTube every month, creators have an incredible opportunity to share their creative vision with the world. Check out the YouTube Creator Academy for tips on how to showcase your story to a global community.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Four tips to make an impact with topical videos

Whether it’s Earth Hour, the World Cup, going back to school, or presidential elections - leveraging the excitement around events can help to grow your channel. But it's not as simple as you'd think to create a really great topical video. Here are four tips—from starting your research to optimizing for—to get you started.

1. Make it timely

Bad Lip Reading is always at the forefront of trending topics and breaking news. To most effectively capture search traffic they upload their topical content as close to events as possible.

2. Plan ahead

One of Bethany Mota’s strategies is to program seasonally around big events that are relevant to her audience. Last year her 5 back-to-school videos gained over 14.3 million views combined.

3. Make trending topics suit you

Make-up artist and body-paint guru Alexys Fleming cleverly captures viewers searching for trending topics that aren’t usually associated with beauty, such as the Super Bowl and movie releases. But she makes sure that the content is relevant to her loyal viewers by still focusing on special effects make-up.

4. Use playlists to repackage content

Laura Vitale combines old and new content in playlists for her most important events of the year. By doing so, she creates new ways for her freshest videos to be discovered, but also makes it easy to watch her back-catalogue to viewers who may be seeing them for the first time.

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